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Subrogation is what we do


Our Services

TRRAC’s subrogation division does subrogation, NOTHING ELSE!!  Their sole focus is on your recovery.

All damage results from something! 

The initial steps in the subrogation process are the most critical and if followed, make recovery much more likely.

  1. Determine who or what caused the damage.

  2. Establish if a cause and origin investigation is warranted/cost effective. (Usually for fires)

  3. Immediately gather and preserve all available evidence from the incident.

  4. Ascertain what evidence is needed to support 100% recovery from the at-fault party.​

That said, most business’ focus after an event is to get back business, which unfortunately can lead to spoliation of evidence and ultimately bar any recovery from the at-fault party.


At TRRAC, we do all the work for you and since we don’t get paid if we don’t recover, we make sure that if there is recovery potential, we take the necessary steps to protect and save any evidence.

But our service goes beyond just recovering your out-of-pocket costs, we are looking to help prevent future events. We look for patterns, are the same kind of losses happening repeatedly and if so why. If we see a pattern, we notify our clients so they can take steps to eliminate future occurrences.

With a hardening of the insurance market, significant premium increases and higher deductibles, companies are losing millions of dollars each year.  TRRAC looks to limit the impact by pursuing and recovering from the parties responsible for your damages.  

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