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Here's What Just a Few of Our Clients are Saying:

-“TRRAC has been instrumental in supporting [us] through 5 major catastrophic weather events and 100’s of subrogation property recoveries …[TRRAC] has worked diligently, been there day or night and represented our Risk Management Department to our Organization with professionalism and urgency.  Beyond the support TRRAC provides in the immediate aftermath of an event in helping field leadership coordinate response and recovery, TRRAC has helped Risk Management to define claim preparation processes and optimize insurance claim recoveries.  We can't staff for disasters in advance, so it is great to have a reliable resource always at the ready when disaster strikes.”


-“You have been an integral part of assisting me and the company in recovering from Hurricane Katrina, Wilma, Rita and Dennis and in ensuring the maximization of our insurance claim recoveries. Your tenacity, tireless efforts and genuine care are recognized and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your dedication.”


-“You guys are such a pleasure to work with and you deliver great results. Your dedication to your job and to [our company] is something for me to aspire to.”


- “TRRAC provides very comprehensive and complete reports and makes me look good!”

Trust is Built on Consistency

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