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On-Site Disaster Coordination


  • Extending the reach of the Risk Management Department

  • Providing real-time feedback from the loss location

  • Guiding and supporting local level personnel

  • Expediting your insurance carrier's agreements on scope of damages

  • Obtaining timely advances

  • Continuous updates on repairs and recovery

Subrogation & Recovery Services
  • Managing claims at a local level to preserve evidence and protect subrogation opportunities

  • Ensuring that the Pre-Assigned Crisis Response Team is familiar with Subrogation preservation requirements

  • Pursuing recovery from responsible third-parties on your behalf

  • Analyzing your claims history to identify missed subrogation opportunities for losses within your retention



  • Advance payment support

  • Formalized reporting of loss status and claim documentation throughout the loss recovery process

  • Collecting/categorizing loss expenses

  • Forensic accounting services for business loss calculations

  • Tracking of multi-location/multi-deductible applications

  • Guidance on loss reserves and recovery opportunities

  • Timely settlement of claims

Business Continuity



  • Providing a ready-response with facility profiles, pre-established contacts and reporting processes

  • Maintaining an in-depth knowledge of your specific business and recovery needs

  • Forging strategic partnerships that promote shortened recovery periods comparable to those of your competitors.

Recovering from the Past,

Safeguarding the Future

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