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TRRAC - Extending the Reach of your Risk Management Department!

Disasters happen with little or no warning, which presents a major challenge for Risk Managers and puts a significant burden on their team.  As an extension of your Risk Management Department, TRRAC eliminates this burden so you can focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

TRRAC’s initial on-site inspections with insurance company’s representatives expedites getting agreement on the scope of damages, allows us to identify and resolve potential issues that may otherwise delay claim settlement or limit a full recovery, and allows us to provide you with real-time information needed to accurately report to your corporate partners.

TRRAC’s priority is to provide the information you need to support timely advance payments, reduce claim disputes, prepare and certify all costs and supporting documentation to ensure a full recovery, and ultimately shorten the overall claim resolution time.

Claim Preparation Services


On-Site Disaster Coordination


  • Extending the reach of the Risk Management Department

  • Providing real-time feedback from the loss location

  • Guiding and supporting local level personnel

  • Expediting your insurance carrier's agreements on scope of damages

  • Obtaining timely advances

  • Continuous updates on repairs and recovery

Subrogation & Recovery Services
  • Managing claims at a local level to preserve evidence and protect subrogation opportunities

  • Ensuring that the Pre-Assigned Crisis Response Team is familiar with Subrogation preservation requirements

  • Pursuing recovery from responsible third-parties on your behalf

  • Analyzing your claims history to identify missed subrogation opportunities for losses within your retention



  • Advance payment support

  • Formalized reporting of loss status and claim documentation throughout the loss recovery process

  • Collecting/categorizing loss expenses

  • Forensic accounting services for business loss calculations

  • Tracking of multi-location/multi-deductible applications

  • Guidance on loss reserves and recovery opportunities

  • Timely settlement of claims

Business Continuity



  • Providing a ready-response with facility profiles, pre-established contacts and reporting processes

  • Maintaining an in-depth knowledge of your specific business and recovery needs

  • Forging strategic partnerships that promote shortened recovery periods comparable to those of your competitors.

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